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      Convergence CID Week 2 Update
      Today, 09:22 AM

      Thanks for all your feedback and battle reports sent in during the first week of this CID. We've received loads of good data, and its time to move forward with several exciting changes. Let's cover what has changed going into week 2.

      Asphyxious the Sanctified and Murder Servitors
      The robotic death angel is performing well thus far, but has proven to be just a tad bit too survivable. Overall, we're happy with what he's doing on the battlefield, he just needs some slight toning. His servitors, on the other hand, were malfunctioning a bit and needed to be corrected in how they performed.

      Asphyxious has gone down to 16 damage boxes. His Malign Alignment ability now requires that the Annihilation Servitors remain in formation to have Dark Shroud. Additionally the servitors have picked up CMD 4, so that they can remain a functional unit with Asphyxious is destroyed. Finally, their Puncture rule on their melee weapons was replaced with a new ability similar to Needle. Basically before they were doing an auto point of damage AND rolling a damage roll. We don't want that, they should just do a single point of damage to what they hit, but unlike the Needle ability this works on all enemies, not just living.

      Prime Artificer Nemo & Arcane Mechaniks
      Nemo 4 has proven to be an absolute unit. Too much so in fact, and he has (to no one's surprise) received several nerfs in this update. We toned his durability, his ranged offensive output, the amount of focus he could retain, and increased his points in line with these changes.

      Nemo 4 now costs 18 points, and has gone down to 26 damage boxes. His Electrical Strikes ranged weapon is no longer ROF d3+1, it is simply ROF 2.

      Finally, we changed the Recharge ability on Nemo's companion unit to act like Empower, but only for jacks in Nemo's battlegroup. This way they still help him with his focus management, but specifically only on the jack's he takes. This prevents Nemo from camping 8 focus, and also further encourages the use of multiple jacks in his battlegroup.

      Archnumen Aurora
      Flying Colossals with Dual Attack and bonuses to SPD and damage are pretty cool, but as it turns out, they are entirely too cool. By cool I mean powerful. The Arcane Propulsion / Colossal / Aurora 2 interaction was simply too much, and completely pigeon holed Aurora 2 into "That caster that makes a Blockader fly". We don't want to drop the Dual Attack battle directive, as we feel it does really fun and interesting things for her squads of angels.

      Instead, we added "non-huge based" to Arcane Propulsion, allowing the spell to function the same, just not Colossals. Additionally, her spell Bombshell was .... not right. We wanted something with more synergy with the rest of Aurora 2's kit, so we swapped Bombshell with Bladed Gale. Now Aurora 2 has multiple ways to ensure she controls the skies when its time to use her feat.

      Prime Axiom and Prime Conflux
      We have made a small, but important change to how both Convergence colossals put their servitors into play. Each model now places a servitor in play during your Maintenance phase, allowing that servitor to then activate separately from the colossal. This should finally allow the Conflux to set up Ionization properly, while still allowing opponent's to counter play the servitors via solid model placement and abilities like Countercharge, etc

      The Cipher's ranged attacks are nice, but the hitting power of this heavy was just a tad bit lacking. We wanted to give it an option to perform better against other heavies, while not outshining the Invertor. The Invertor has more RNG on its melee attacks, and an auto-KD POW 20 in addition to another powerful initial attack. We've given the Cipher Combo Strike (and yes, thats a POW 24 combo strike) to help increase its melee viability against other hard targets.

      Stress Test: Is the Combo Strike too much with other buffs available? Is Axis and spammed Ciphers oppressive?

      Similar to our change with the Cipher, we wanted to help the Monitor out a bit in addition to the PC drop it received in week 1. Looking over feedback and options, we found an idea that we liked, and that tested well. The Monitor has lost Crit Brutal Damage on its ranged attack, but picked up Ricochet. Now this heavy is capable of spending all of its focus (for induction) in a single activation, as Ricochet causes a second attack to occur, which can be boosted separately from the first attack.

      Stress Test: With Widget and other support, the Monitor can make multiple powerful attacks in a single turn. Can your opponent keep their caster reasonably safe from Ricochet assassinations?

      Transfinite Emergence Projector
      We looked at Nemo 4, we looked at the TEP, we looked at Nemo 4 again, we looked back at the TEP, and it was suddenly down to 18 points. We aren't looking to change any of its rules or how it functions at all, simply ensuring that its point cost is appropriate based on where Nemo 4 winds up.

      We heard your feedback regarding the Perforators needing rules that helped better define their stated role of elite hunters. Their new rule, Predator Protocol, should help push them in the right direction.

      This unit has lost CRA, and gained Predator Protocol, a passive ability that grants +2 to attack and damage rolls when targeting a model with damage boxes. To be clear, it doesn't matter how many damage boxes the model has remaining, just that it started with more than one damage box. So this works on multi-wound infantry, solos, jacks / beasts, casters, etc. But does not trigger against single wound infantry.

      Stress Test: This is a POWERFUL ability, and it still stacks with either Snipe or an additional +2 damage on the ranged attacks. There is a good chance this drops to +1 / +1 instead of +2 / +2, but show us in your battle reports just how much damage you can do with a pair of units.

      Theme Forces
      Quick note, Asphyxious 4 is going to be added to Operating Theatre. Though the Cephalyx despise the Convergence, they have strong ties with Asphxyious. Even though he's now in a "Filthy machine body", the Cephalyx are not foolish enough to turn down any aid from the Sanctified one.

      Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex
      And here .... we .... go ....

      First off, let me state that this changed is hyper experimental. We tested it internally, and the results were very nice, but we understand the impact this change is going to have on the entire Convergence Faction. Don't fall in love with this change. We will try to tweak and tune it to exist, but there is a non-zero chance that this change never makes the final cut.

      We read the feedback about Negators not inducting to other Negators as they charge in, and several other instances of the Induction rules causing difficult order of operations sequences during the earlier turns the game. This has been the case for Convergence since day one, but as the Faction has grown, we're looking to add a key support piece that allows a Convergence battlegroup to operate at a higher capacity, but also allows your opponent to snipe out those pieces and began to "break down the machine".

      ADOs have picked up Induction Relay, which says then when a friendly jack in their CMD range (of 5") with an interface node gives focus to another warjack via Induction, increase the range of Induction from 6" to 9". This will help swarms of Convergence jacks induct to each other more easily, and also helps the Faction spread out on the table a bit more for scenario play. Because this is such a powerful ability on a 2 point solo, we are considering dropping all of the damage boxes off of this solo, but for now, test the model as you've always known it, just with this new ability.

      Stress Test: All of it. This is a massive change. We'd like to see an ADO (or 4) in the majority of battle reports through Friday.
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    • Hey all,

      First and foremost, we are extending this CID until Monday the 25th to allow a bit more time for testing on this most recent round of changes. Thanks for all your feedback thus far, your form submissions and battle reports have been most helpful.

      There are less changes in this final week than before, as things begin to wind down. Still, some of these changes are important and definitely require some testing, so let us know what you think.

      Asphyxious the Sanctified and Annihilation Servitors
      We've made a small tweak to Asphyxious' durability again. Thanks to your reports we've determined that the bigger issue for Asphyxious wasn't so much his damage boxes and ARM, but his DEF 15. We aren't looking to make him a low DEF model, so we're testing him at DEF 14 while increasing his damage boxes up from 16 to 17. The problem with DEF 15 ARM 17 was it took some defensive buffs too well, especially for a model with Asphyxious' damage output.

      Archnumen Aurora
      The SPD portion of Aurora's feat now affects herself. Another small, but important change, that should help her get into position to lay down some Bladed Gales or ranged attacks easier during her feat turn.

      Combo Strike didn't work out. Instead of trying to change the Cipher to work around the ability, we just cut it and looked to the battle reports and form submissions to determined what, if anything, really needed to be done to the Cipher. The form feedback in particular indicated that most people were happy with just the points drop he received in week 1 (which remains), but a few well argued bits of feedback pointed towards a desire to have the gun do just a bit a more on the approach.

      So, the gun now does just a bit more on the approach. We've increased the POW on Bombardment from 6 to 8. That might not seem like a lot at first, but its far more viable against most single wound infantry now than before.

      Black Spot / Ricochet infinite combo was ... ultimately something we didn't want after reviewing reports. But Ricochet as an ability was working out great, and we really aren't looking to cut it. So instead, we've just changed Ricochet itself to now only trigger off initial attacks. While Black Spot / Ricochet is still a powerful combo, it no longer goes infinite.

      Perforators received the biggest change this week, and it all surrounds Predator Protocol. The new ability is pushing the role of this unit in the direction we want, but it was a bit too far. Especially since it affected both melee and ranged, the Perforators were over performing.

      It became apparent that the new ability needed to only affect the units ranged attacks, so Predator Protocol has been moved to their ranged weapons instead of a base ability. The bonuses to hit felt right, but the bonus to damage was also proving to be a bit too much. Still, accuracy has always been an issue for Perforators and we didn't want to sling them back to week 1, so we've made the following changes.

      The unit is now just base RAT 6, and Predator Protocol is a +1 to hit and damage against models with damage boxes. This means that overall, Perforators will hit better against single wound infantry, still retain the effective RAT 7 they had in week 2 against multiwound models, and can still gain up to +3 damage against multiwound models. Overall, we think this will put the unit in the right place, without overshadowing the Eradicators in terms of melee damage output, and without penalizing their accuracy too much.
      Als wir uns schließlich selbst erkannten
      und alles ziemlich scheiße fanden
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