France - Paris Master 2019 - 26/27 October

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    • France - Paris Master 2019 - 26/27 October

      Welcome to the Paris Masters event!

      As an English speaker I will make all anouncements during the event both in French and English.

      Synthetic information:

      26/27th Oct 2019

      Registration: mail to "at" with subject "[Paris Masters]". Also the address for questions.

      Fee: 30€/person, online ticketing system, to be posted. Fee includes two simple lunches.

      Masters Format. Up to 64 players. Lists to be printed by the players (conflict Chamber format)

      Location: Waagh Taverne, rue Stanislas, Paris
      Location is literally a tavern with beer on tap...

      4 games on Saturday, 2 on Sunday, allowing an early return on Sunday. Precise schedule to come, expect a start around 9am on Saturday, and an end around 5 pm at the latest on Sunday. Make travel plans accordingly.

      I hope to see you there !