CID "Pause"

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    • CID "Pause"

      Gestern im DevChat wurde bekannt gegeben, dass nach dem Steamroller CID, das nächste Woche beginnen soll, eine Art CID Pause eintreten wird. Wie lange diese geht, ist noch nicht bekannt.

      Hierzu hat Hungerford in einem Post auf Facebook folgende Erklärung geschrieben :

      So I want to jump in here to ensure no one gets the wrong idea about what was discussed yesterday on dev chat.

      We mentioned that CIDs are going to be taking a break, and are not giving a specific hard date on when they will return, but they WILL return. There's so much going on at PP at the moment, that the last thing we want to do is say "Oh yeah, the next CID should be in about 2 months" and then miss that date completely.

      CID has been great for testing many of the new releases. The Oblivion box set is a unique release, it very much feels like the old anthology books to me but waaaay bigger and with more content. That meant we had to do two fairly massive CIDs for just the models in that book, Infernals and all the Archon / Order of Illumination stuff.

      Those models are going to release over several months, well into the end of the year, so there isn't going to be another immediate massive release block that needs a full CID.

      There will be other models going into Warmachine that aren't part of a larger block, like the Riot Quest models, and those are not likely to all get CIDed. RQ models are spread out with an initial launch wave, and then for months and months (well into 2021) you're going to see new heroes and expansions regularly. This trickle release makes doing a RQ only CID a bit odd.

      That said, not everything we release must go through CID. I personally feel like block style releases (tharn, trenchers, infernals, etc) are the best use of CID, because we're testing a larger grouping of models that need to all interact together with very specific synergies. I think the release of individual models don't necessarily have to be CIDed.

      Mire would be a good example of such an individual release that didn't go through CID, it wasn't really necessary to do so. I think the RQ heroes will fall into much the same category.

      And then there's things that are too big to effectively CID. If we decided tomorrow we were going to completely redo every warcaster in the game (which we aren't, don't worry), we'd likely handle that one in house. We've learned in the two years of doing CID that it works best, and provides the best feedback, when its hyper-focused. Too much data, or too much to test, and the info just gets a bit distorted and hard to sift through.

      Now, all that said, are there still legacy models that could use a CID? I can definitely think of a few, but I don't believe its a massive amount. But there's a matter of time and resources, and our year has been packed to the gills. In addition to streams and convention attendance, the dev team is working on the things you know about for WM, MonPoc, RQ, and Organized Play, and anything new we haven't announced yet.

      So CID will be back. It's a break, not an abandonment of the system. We will be monitoring feedback and global play data during the break, our focus is never gone from Warmachine.

      I do want to say that personally, I think a break for a little bit is also a good thing. We've been in a cycle of constant CIDs, and constant updates for a while now. For new models, that's great, but we've been hitting legacy models every CID. The game has had a lot of errata and updates, and I worry that not enough time is being given to all of you to allow the meta to settle and begin to adapt normally.

      There is also the effect it has on new players where it can be difficult to keep up with all of these changes. This is another issue that breaks can help address.

      Anyway, just wanted to put my thoughts out there. I don't want anyone to freak out or worry. Thanks for all the enthusiasm and passion. Love y'all. Eat Jimmy Johns.
    • Definitiv der richtige Schritt. So kann sich das Meta mal etwas beruhigen. Finde es ist aktuell ein ganz gutes Meta mit recht viel Varianz und so vielen starken Listen wie noch nie (zumindest seit ich Warmachine spiele). Vllt nutzen sie ja echt die Zeit und schauen etwas darauf, was sich so auf den Turnieren tut und kappen etwas die Spitzen.

      Denke es ist der richtige Schritt aktuell.
    • Grundsätzlich ist eine CID Pause sicher eine gute Sache. Ob es allerdings der richtige Zeitpunkt ist, bleibt die Frage. Es gibt momentan schon einige Spitzen, von denen ich nicht weiß, ob sie gut für das Spiel sind (Tharn, SG, New Harby, Clockatrice,...) wogegen sich einige Fraktionen wirklich sehr schwer tun (ich schaue zB ganz traurig meine Trolle an).

      Wird man sehen, ob sie diese Spitzen stutzen werden oder es die nächsten Monate so bleibt, wie es ist (wovon ich ehrlich gesagt ausgehe).
    • Schade, daß sie sich nicht an den Verkaufszahlen orientieren, was sie verbessern können. Denen muß doch auffallen, daß kaum jemand LoE (außerhalb von PT) oder Cephalyx oder Cygnar kauft. Letzten Monat scheint auch kein update gekommen zu sein, und niemand weiß ob die Grymkin-Regeln in der Database nun fest sind oder noch verändert werden.
    • Im Prinzip nichts neues aber nun auch auf der PP-Seite offiziel von Jeff Olsen zusammengefasst:

      PP-Homepage NEWS wrote:

      1.Infernal and Oblivion releases are scheduled to come out over the course of this year;
      2.We are currently developing the releases that will follow Infernals and Oblivion;
      3.Future WARMACHINE & HORDES releases will feature CIDs as normal;
      4.There is no public timetable for when the CID for those future releases will occur, but it will likely be a couple months at least;
      5.The development team will be keeping a close eye on the current and future meta of WARMACHINE & HORDES and reserves the right to provide dynamic updates to correct aberrations from warping the game.