Infernals CID

    • Na ja, gibt halt mehr als genug Sachen die deutlich weiter bedrohen als so ein horror und den sehr entspannt in einer Runde (auch im Nahkampf) rausnehmen. Die aktuelle Kombination aus Combat Action aufgeben und wirklich schlechten nehme Qualitäten ist eher ungünstig. Wenn Sie Ihr MatchUp kriegen machen die wahrscheinlich alles kaputt, aber zZt sind das nicht viele.
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      Bei Kloake hats mich zerissen
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      Infernals CID Week 3 Update 3

      Today, 02:00 PM
      Well, hello there.

      How does a new update sound?

      In this one, we're overhauling the summoning system again!

      I kid, I kid.

      Our focus here was to add some cool new functions to a wide-swatch of models across the faction, and generally improve play-ability. We also wanted to give the faction a little bit more resistance to shooting. However, if we tilted the pendulum too far in that direction, let us know. It is easy to pull back if necessary.

      But first, let's address the elephant in the room: is this the last update of the CID? The answer is, I don't know. There is a non-zero chance of an update tomorrow (Friday), or Monday. There is also a non-zero chance this is the last update. Frankly, a lot of it will likely be dictated by what kind of feedback we receive over the next couple days. So, my answer is a non-answer: not sure.

      With that said, let's jump into it!

      Add Tether

      Tether is, well, basically it is Leash (see Vayl), but with a Horror-specific tag. Because the threat ranges of Horrors is fairly static, we wanted to add some new ways to move them around the battlefield outside Omodamos' feat. I think there is some really fascinating interplay with this and teleport. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

      Change Hellhounds from the target needing to be in his CTRL range, to his Horror having to be in his CTRL range to collect.

      This is a quality of life change that makes it a bit easier for Omodamos to collect souls with his Hellhounds ability. Fairly simple and straight-forward, but very welcome.

      Change the range on Long Shadows from 5" to Zaateroth's CMD (12")
      Add Rites of Torment
      Remove Admonition
      Change RNG of ranged weapon from 10" to 12"

      The first change is massive, and warrants some feedback, however it is very targeted to alleviate some of the ranged weakness concerns the faction has. We have a couple other little changes in store for that (see Wretches and Regna below). As for Rites of Torment, it is essentially Road to War for Horrors. Again, this is targeted to give Horrors some threat extension shenanigans outside of Omodamos' feat. However, it did come at the cost of removing Admonition. Also, her gun got longer range.

      Soul Stalker
      Change ARM from 15 to 16

      This may be a trend you are about to see. We are improving the survivability of the heavy Horrors by giving them all a point of armor.

      Change ARM from 18 to 19
      Add Eyeless Sight

      Another trend you may notice. We went back and reviewed all the concept art and concept briefs and determined that a significant chunk of Infernals don't have eyes (I suspect the Shrieker took them all). As a result, we added Eyeless Sight to all those models. In many cases, this doesn't have a significant impact outside letting the model charge through clouds and ignore Blind (both of those things are very nice, don't get me wrong!)

      Change ARM from 18 to 19
      Add Eyeless Sight

      Exact same change as the Tormentor.

      Add Eyeless Sight

      No eyes!

      Add Eyeless Sight

      No eyes!

      Add Eyeless Sight

      They too have no eyes. Maybe the Infernals should have made a deal to take eyes instead of souls!

      Lord Roget d'Vyaros
      Add Willing Vessel - When an infernal master summons a horror and chooses this model to remove from play, the infernal master does not not need to spend any essence points to summon the horror.
      Remove Spiritual Conduit

      Now this is a spicy change that I really like. We wanted to tinker with the Essence cost in new and interesting ways. Now I think Roget asks a very interesting question: do you keep him around for the trickle dividends of Essence support from Harmonious and Spell Slave, or blow him up early to benefit from an explosive turn of "free" summoning.

      Lord Adept Quintus Faustus
      Remove Soul Transfer
      Add Knowledge of the Damned

      Spoiler alert: we pulled Knowledge of the Damned off the Infernal Gate and moved it to Faustus. We like Knowledge of the Damned, but wanted it to be a little more "earned" and susceptible to being removed. Also, now it is a bit more mobile, since it isn't tethered to a big 'ole structure.

      Great Princess Regna Gravnoy
      Change Point Cost from 4 to 6
      Change Essence from 4 to 5
      Remove Wind Wall
      Add Deceleration
      Remove Sucker
      Add Maleficium - When this model summons a horror, do not choose a marked soul to be removed from play. Instead this model spends the essence to summon the horror and the horror is placed B2B with this model.
      Change Master Infernalist - This model is not an infernal master but has all the special rules of an infernal master except that it has no feat. This model can only have light and lesser horrors in its battlegroup. This model can have up to one horror in its battlegroup and any time and cannot summon a horror if there is already a horror in its battlegroup in play.

      Ok. More spicy changes, and a long list of them. Let's get the quick ones out of the way. She went up in cost, because she went way up in effectiveness. She gained an Essence from 4 to 5. She lost Sucker and Wind Wall, but traded them in for Deceleration. Because she lost Sucker, make sure you keep her safe! That is the point of that change! Deceleration is a big anti-guns buff, so let us know how it feels.

      Now, onto Maleficium and Master Infernalist. In a nutshell, these changes do the following:
      1. She is back to only having Lights and Lessers (and only one at a time)
      2. She doesn't have to start with one
      3. However, she doesn't eat Marked Souls to summon, she just pays their Essence and puts the Horror into play B2B with her

      That is a lot to take in, but hopefully it will result in a much more compelling model. Enjoy!

      The Wretch
      Add Invocation of Bitterest Night (★Action) - This model gains Black Mantle for one round. (While B2B with a model with Black Mantle, friendly Faction models gain Stealth XICONX.)

      More anti-shooting tech. As I mentioned, we don't want to swing the pendulum too far, so let us know if now guns just can't play into Infernals. Also, this should make the model a bit more attractive at 4 points (a place we would prefer to keep it if we can).

      Infernal Gate
      Change Infernal Portal - When a model summons a horror while within 8˝ of this model, reduce the number of essence points the summoning model must spend by 1.
      Change Soul Taker: Crypt of Souls from 3 max souls to 5 max souls
      Remove Knowledge of the Damned
      Add Gate of Worlds - At any time during its activation this model can spend one soul token to place a friendly Faction model within 5 ̋ of this model any where completely within 2 ̋ of its current location. A model can be placed as a result of Gate of Worlds only once per turn.

      We wanted to add a bit of a "summoning hook" to the Gate, and we did that by providing an Essence discount in an area around the gate. Also, Gate of the Worlds acts as sort of a pseudo-TK, adding some of that movement coolness we've been highlighting in this update. Also, it can hold more souls... again.

      Kezia Brand, the Screaming Night
      Add Quick Work

      We added Quick Work so Kezia can mix it up a bit. Now she can get places with her speed, cut some fools down and then take a pot shot before (hopefully) Run & Gunning it. This should help Kezia be a bit more of an interactive model.
    • Them Püppies nice!
      I could even learn how to swag like you.
    • Weil es diese Bücher so nicht mehr gibt und seit Wegfall des No Quarter auch kein anderes Medium dafür frei gemacht wurde. Eventuell gibt es im Privateer Insider ein paar Schmankerl in kleinerer Form in nächster Zeit.
      I could even learn how to swag like you.
    • Schöne Modelle, gefallen mir großteils. Und der Zeitpunkt des Release passt auch so ungefähr, damit hätte ich dann wieder eine 2. Fraktion :D
      Den Lamenter find ich nicht so doll (aber Proportionen sind ja scheinbar eh nicht so das Thema bei den "Beasts") und Hauke sieht irgendwie etwas unspannend aus so als normaler Kerl auf einem fast normalen Pferd.
      Inzwischen hab ich schonwieder vergessen, was die Regeln für die einzelnen Sachen waren. Davon lasse ich mich überraschen, wenn ichs schon gekauft habe. :D
    • Kurze Zusammenfassung vom DevChat heute (Quelle Line of Sight bei Facebook) :

      I wanted to take a moment to collect the full set of spoilers given in the Dev Talk today regarding the Oblivion CID. I feel I got a pretty good sense of the overall context of what they were saying so figured I'd get it concise and in one place for everybody to keep confusion down!

      Oblivion contains three new themes.

      Hearts of Darkness is one. Sounds similar to what we saw during Infernal CID, however the casters are limited. There will be one Cygnar, Khador, Protectorate, Cryx, Crucible Guard, and Merc caster. Some casters are by name, meaning each 'version' of that caster is available. Some may be more specific.

      Warriors of the Old Faith is a Khador OR Protectorate of Menoth theme. It allows Khador or Protectorate Cavalry Casters, Units, and Solos, among a few other things. If you take the theme in Protectorate, all models become Protectorate. If you take the theme in Khador, all models become Khadoran. You use the Warjacks of whatever faction you are actually playing, ie Vlad3 in a Protectorate army will run Protectorate 'jacks, Reznik2 in a Khador army will run Khador 'jacks.

      Flame in the Darkness, Morrowans and Thamarites forced to work together against the Infernals. Mercenary theme force, but pulls from factions with Morrowan and Thamarite models. Morrowan tag getting added to various models, such as Stryker, meaning he can be used as a caster in this Merc theme.

      Constance Blaize is receiving an update.

      There are six Archon models. These represent a manifestation of various gods or other entities. They are Merc or Minion models which work for various factions. Some factions get access to more than one Archon. Archons are generally FA 2. They take up Mercenary slots, but many themes will be updated to account for them. All but the Dhunian Archon are on large bases, Dhunian is medium. They are solos, generally in the 8-9 point range. Archons will be free in very specifically chosen theme forces.

      Morrowan Archon is a defensive/support model who hangs out in the mid line and waits for opportunities to strike, while making life harder on your opponent with support effects.

      Menite Archon is a giant flaming angel with wings of fire and is an aggressive attack piece which causes fire and punishes models that are on fire. Only Archon confirmed to be Partisan to Protectorate.

      Thamarite Archon is a ranged assassin type character with a holy bow and wings. Has some support, but it primarily a ranged damage piece.

      Dhunian Archon has an 'old earth mother' kind of look, like a Dhunian Knot model but larger and more celestial. Pure support and force multiplication, 'some of the best support you'll see in the game.' Has healing and beneficial buffs. Works for Trolls, possibly Circle.

      Void Archon is purely disruptive, teleports around and is hard to pin down. Tends to be wherever it wants on the battlefield causing havoc and getting into backlines to kill stuff. Works for Cryx and Retribution, possibly others.

      Primal Archon looks like a mountain come to life. Has a 12" bubble in which enemy models can not be placed. Otherwise is a bruiser solo. Works for Legion, likely others.

      Hermit of Hengehold will be in the CID as well.

      There are about a dozen other models we are unaware of, supposedly.