W: AoS/40k H: 40k KillTeam, GB Full Union team (with some LE) and other systems

  • W: AoS/40k H: 40k KillTeam, GB Full Union team (with some LE) and other systems

    GW - Kill Team
    Genestealer cult start set (team, tokens and cards)
    Adeptus Mechanicus starter set (team, tokens and cards)

    WM/H - Cryx
    leviathan - built and primed black

    WM/H - Mercenaries
    8 x croes cutthroats, bare metal not built
    pEiryss, bare metal
    reinholdt, primed and based
    Sylys Wyshnalyrr, primed black
    piper of ord, bare metal
    Master Gunner Dougal primed black
    Orwin Midwinter primed black
    Madeline Corbeau primed black
    Ragman primed black
    Sylys Wyshnalyer primed black

    WM/H - Legion of Everblight
    3 spell Martyrs - bare metal

    WM/H - Trollbloods
    full Krielstone unit (NO UA) - bare metal partially assembled

    WM/H - Minions
    Swamp Gobbers
    Feralgeist, built, bare metal
    Gudrun the Wanderer, partially primed. spear is a bit bent
    Totem Hunter
    Viktor Pendrake

    Full Metal Union team with LE: Pride model & LE: Mist. All are built. Mynx & Harry are fully painted with some of the other miniatures being a work in progress.
    Kick Off Box set: terrain/tokens/etc are punched out and it doesn't include the dice, but nothing has been actually played with.

    Malifaux - Resurrectionists
    Seamus metal starter pack, no 2ed cards

    Malifaux - Misc
    Brass Arachnid - New on Plastic Sprue
    Limited Edition Plastic Death Marshal. Pinebox & Marshal built, but not glued to base or primed
    Limited Edition Fransisco: New on Sprue
    metal samuel (painted) with M2E cards for all
    metal convict gunslinger


    Age of Sigmar:
    Khorne (or other generic chaos). Must be clean plastic.
    any flesh eater court models (same re: plastic)
    Chaos Dwarfs - Old big-hats era models

    More Khorne. Berzerkers especially!

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