Piraten CID

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    • Welcome to the Privateer CID. This CID primarily focuses on new models
      for the Talion Charter. However, many of the models are still applicable
      to other Mercenary theme forces, and the new Warcaster is also a Cryx
      partisan, so we have a lot of ground to cover! In addition to new
      models, we have some changes to legacy models, and some alterations to
      the Talion Charter theme itself. Arrrrrr you ready?

      New Models

      Captain Rahera, Terror of the Wailing Sea

      Captain Rahera is a new Mercenary Warcaster who is also a Cryx partisan.
      That means there is a lot of ground to cover with her since she will be
      playable in two factions and many themes. She is designed to be a
      versatile hit-and-run caster who can do a lot of killin' on her own,
      while also broadly supporting her army. Rahera has a combined arms
      approach, favoring a selection of both 'jacks and infantry, which we
      have baked into her design with her feat and powerful spell list like
      Manifest Destiny. With her high natural speed, Sprint, and Blood Boon on
      one of her weapons, she should be able to get in and get out while
      getting a free casting of one of her more powerful spells.

      Things to Test: Did Windstorm provide suitable protection for
      both Rahera and her army? Did it allow you to play her a tad more
      forward to leverage her hit-and-run tactics? Was Manifest Destiny
      impactful in Talion Charter? What about the other Mercenary themes? What
      about Cryx? Did her feat allow you to swing attrition by returning
      models? What about the Critical Decapitation aspect? The Critical
      Decapitation aspect is random by design, but did it feel like it never
      came up, or came up too often? Also, how does her package work with
      lists like nine Slayers in Cryx?


      The Blockader is an alternative chassis for the Galleon, focusing on
      close-up, in-your-face rocket punches and sprays. The Blockader ditches
      the crane and harpoon for powerful, long-range punches that grab you and
      haul you around the battlefield. When it isn't punching you, the
      Blockader can lay down a withering array of sprays to decimate packed
      enemy formations.

      Things to Test: Does the Blockader feel like it mixes up the game
      plan of the Galleon and offer an alternative? Do the push-and-pull
      style mechanics of the rocket fists feel too oppressive in terms of
      movement shenanigans for your opponent? Do the sprays offer a enticing
      alternative to just punching when faced with droves of enemy infantry?


      The Swabber is a new heavy 'jack chassis coming to the Talion Charter.
      This 'jack combines some ranged shooting along with some support
      abilities and the ever-present threat of dragging enemy models into
      awkward situations.

      Things to Test: Does Lash and Girded help build you a little
      bunker to help get fragile models across the table? Did you feel like
      the Swabber was able to lay down a couple good ranged attacks before
      dragging an opponent's model in for a good thwacking? Did the threat of
      the Swabber's harpoon force your opponent to respect the area around it
      to minimize the potential drag? Did the Swabber feel a little bit
      sturdier than the existing Talion 'jacks? Did you feel like you would
      add this 'jack to a non-Talion Mercenary army?


      Scallywag is Shae's new character 'jack, but he is available to the
      entire charter. He is a light 'jack with all sorts of cool tricks that
      makes him difficult to pin down. He brings a pretty wide-array of
      decent weapons for his size. Parry, Bounding Leap, and Overtake means
      he can pretty much go where he wants to. Feign Death, Hit the Deck! and
      Rise make him pretty difficult to shoot off the table. He is quite the
      little swiss army knife.

      Things to Test: Does he feel good with 'casters other than Shae?
      Does his package give him too much movement? Or too much
      anti-shooting defense? Is his damage output feel right for his point


      A new light warjack, the Swashbuckler is more about swashing some
      buckles than his chassis-companion, the Buccaneer. The Swashbuckler can
      lay down some light ranged fire as it crosses the table, but it's main
      purpose is to get in close and personal and give 'em the clamps (so that
      he can then give 'em the peppa box!). He has a high volume of decent
      attacks, and can put a Pepper Box shot into surprising places courtesy
      of Dual Attack.

      Things to Test: Does his damage output feel good for his points?
      Does the package "work?" Does the Close Volley on his Clamp feel good
      to use? Does Dual Attack allow you to pick off a key solo or support
      piece in weird places?

      Powder Monkey

      The Powder Monkey is an explosive new support solo for the privateers.
      This monkey provides an exceptionally cheap 'jack support tool that
      frees up a lot of the focus load from your 'caster. Primarily, he brings
      Ancillary Attack to Privateer 'jacks (please note the specific typing
      on this ability!) and Empower. Secondarily, he... uh, blows up. Yes,
      that is a feature. And it is not tied to an enemy attack.

      Things to Test: The Powder Monkey is specifically designed to
      favor Privateers first and foremost. Was a 2-point Empower-bot still
      useful in other Mercenary themes? We are very cautious about how and
      where we offer Ancillary Attacks in the game. Does having access to
      three Ancillary Attacks do too much to Privateer 'jacks or does it give
      them the bump they need (remember, a single model can only be
      Ancillary'd once a turn, so you have to spread them out)? As a late game
      tool, does the monkey blowing up feel like a useful option, or is it
      too good, especially given you can trigger it with your own attacks?

      Legacy Models

      Fiona the Black

      Fiona got a pretty expansive re-work. We kept her overall theme intact,
      but fiddled around with her spell list quite a bit and also amped up her
      "Cultist" game-play. Now, her Cultists allow her to upkeep a single
      spell for free (as long as an in-formation model is in her control area,
      sorry, no parking an out of formation Cultist behind her).
      Additionally, we gave her Dark Rituals, replacing Telgesh Mark as her
      arcnode ability. The last function of her Cultists is also that she can
      arc through them with Dark Rituals without damaging the models.

      As for spells, this is where the major changes happened. We cut several
      spells and really focused on giving her meaningful conjurations, as the
      resident Pirate Spell Lady. Curse of Veils is a replacement for
      Nonokrion Brand, still providing the "does not block LOS" aspects with
      an ARM debuff. Chasten gives Pirates some access to upkeep removal, and
      Befuddle provides some control elements. Occulation speaks for itself as
      a useful delivery/protection tool. We're hoping to really dial in on
      Fiona being the versatile, spell-slinging Pirate of the bunch.

      Things to Test: How does the new Cultist mechanic feel? Was
      arcing through them "for free" feel good? Did arc'ing through various
      solos (who typically won't die from the damage roll) also feel useful?
      How does her spell list feel? Did you have various useful answers to
      many different problems? Befuddle can sometimes be as potent, or moreso
      than Telekinesis, depending on the situation. Did it ever feel too
      difficult for your opponent to protect key models from Befuddles?


      We dropped the Galleon's points down significantly and also gave him a
      power lifter (cause he's got that big clampy arm!). This should help
      define him as the more backfield, lay-down some fire while moving models
      around center-piece while the Blockader is the more in-your-face

      Things to Test: Does his points feel better now? Is he a good
      option for your armies? How does power lifter feel? Is there some
      absurd jank with power lifter that may have slipped through the cracks?

      Buccaneer, Mariner, Freebooter

      I'm lumping these three together. In general, we've added a point of ARM
      to all the non-colossal pirate 'jacks to make them just a tad sturdier.
      The general goal is to have relatively cheap 'jacks that really dial in
      on the Pirate theme'ing (worker 'jacks converted into weapons of war).
      We also added Amphibious to the Buccaneer, because, well, that makes
      sense! We also gave the Buccaneer a point of MAT to help him whack
      things with his big stick. However, as far as the Buccaneer is
      concerned, the MAT and ARM buff, combined with his existing abilities
      warranted a slight point creep up to cost 7.

      The Freebooter didn't see any changes beyond the ARM bump.

      However, in addition to the ARM boost, we also increased the range of the Mariner's Anchor to 2".

      Things to Test: Do these 'jacks feel sturdier with the ARM
      increase? How do they feel in comparison to the new 'jacks? Does the
      whole 'jack catalog of Privateers feel like you have a useful variety of
      choices? Does the Buccaneer feel a bit more consistent at MAT 6? Did
      the additional reach on the Mariner come into play at some point in your
      game? Does the Freebooter feel like a suitable value-heavy?

      Devil's Shadow Mutineers

      We just made them straight-up Cryx partisans, so go wild and put them in
      lists! Additionally, we gave them all tough (a theme you'll see
      recurring as we get into other pirate stuff below). Lastly, Mar's Saber
      was increased to range 1", because it was just too hard to hit things
      with it (should make Berserk'ing a bit easier).

      Things to Test: How do the Mutineer's feel now? Does Tough combined with their Blood-Bound make them feel a bit more resilient?

      Press Gangers, Sea Dog Pirates, Sea Dog Rifleman

      Another group post. Pretty straight-up here. We reduced their cost on
      the minimum unit of Press Gangers and gave them native Ambush (pulling
      that benefit from the theme for a new one, read below). All Sea Dog
      models gained Tough, and the RAT of the Rifleman went up by one to RAT

      Things to Test: Pirates in general are all about powerful layered
      buffs courtesy of various characterful solos. When you have "the
      complete package" in play, did Sea Dogs feel like they were pulling
      their weight? Did Ambushing Press Gangers feel like a useful unit choice
      that changed the way your opponent deployed models and advanced them up
      the table? Did the Rifleman feel like a useful addition to a unit of
      Sea Dogs?

      Sea Dog Deck Gun

      The deck gun got several changes that warrant it having it's own header.
      Just like all other Pirates, it was given Tough. Additionally, the RAT
      was increased to 5 and we gave it Advance Deploy. This should give the
      Deck Gun a useful niche as a cheap, light artillery piece that can pick
      away at enemy models while remaining fairly mobile.

      Things to Test: Did Advance Deployment make this model feel more
      relevant? How about the RAT 5? We don't expect Tough to often come into
      play on an artillery piece, but sometimes your opponent just has to
      focus down that last contesting model or open up that charge lane. Did
      Tough do something clutch in those situations?

      Bloody Bradigan

      We bumped his DEF to help him get there and stick in the fight. We
      really like Bradigan as a cheap, punchy option that can do surprising
      things to enemy models when things lines up.

      Things to Test: Three points for 8 boxes, DEF 14 and a bunch of punchy rules. How does that feel?

      Bosun Grogspar

      We amped up a couple things on Bosun Grogspar, like giving him a point
      of RAT and changing his No Sleeping on the Job from Sea Dog to
      Privateer, making it impact A LOT more models (it still only affects
      living, sorry 'jacks!) As a result, we also bumped his cost up one to
      five. Lastly, we added Crit Devestation to his Harpoon Gun as a little
      cherry on top.

      Things to Test: Is No Sleeping on the Job for Privateers a tad
      too oppressive, or was it just right on keeping some key models upright?
      Did the bump to his RAT also help him put a gunshot where he wants it?
      Did you get lucky and get a gnarly Crit Devestation on essential enemy
      models? Was that fun, or too much?

      First Mate Hawk

      Hawk also saw a slight point increase from four to five. However, this
      is because we gave her a bunch of tasty, tasty rules. First, we added
      Lunge to her weapon, so during her activation, she has Range 2" on her
      melee attacks. We also added Sprint to her so she can get in, and then
      out into just the right spot to deliver her Object of Desire buff to
      friendly Sea Dogs. We did cut Sucker! because it is redundant with the
      new theme benefits (see below).

      Things to Test: Is Acrobatics, Parry, Lunge, and Sprint too
      awesome of a package for getting to the model you want to kill and then
      back out to safety? Inquiring Devs want to know!

      Lord Rockbottom

      Not many changes to Rockbottom, but the one change is pretty relevant.
      Since we've handed out Tough to basically all the Privateer models, his
      Walk It Off Incentive didn't really do much, so we changed it from
      providing Tough, to removing Continuous Effects, Knockdown, and
      Stationary on affected models. Now, if you're outside Grogspar's bubble
      (or he is dead! Gasp!) and your models take a nap, you can pop them back
      up. It can also save you from Fire and Corrosion Continuous effects
      (especially those that might be applied during your turn from opponent
      abilities). Also gets you out of Stationary, which could be very useful.

      Things to Test: Is this a useful, match-specific change to Walk
      It Off? Did it feel too tilting for your opponent who brings 'casters
      like Sorscha or Kreoss?

      Master Gunner Dugal MacNaile

      MacNaile remains a potent ranged support solo. We dialed that in even
      further, but first, we cut his Veteran Leader because we just
      straight-up gave the Deck Guns an additional RAT. However, his
      compensation more than makes up for it, adding Spyglass to his list of
      useful things he can do. Now he gets to make useful decisions from
      turn-to-turn, either handing out Artillerist or removing Stealth from an
      enemy model.

      Things to Test: Spyglass! Does stealth removal help the Talion
      Charter out a lot? Does MacNaile feel like he gets to make meanginful
      decisions each turn?

      Theme Forces

      The new text for the theme force is below. We cut Ambush on Press
      Gangers and just gave them the ability. We cut Dodge in favor of a
      stronger defensive option for your solos in the form of Sacrificial Pawn
      [Sea Dog Model]. Pirates are at their best when their units can benefit
      from the powerful, layered buffs offered by their characterful solos,
      and we really wanted to emphasize that by giving your solos a bit more
      survivability (and let's be fair, they probably got to their position of
      authority on the backs of less ruthless pirate compatriots).

      Also, the Talion is offshore and making it's presence known! We added a
      pre-game cannon barrage to the Pirate theme. Please note, we have
      specifically designed this ability to not be able to harm opponent
      models before they move. However, the broadsides are rough terrain and
      also a hazard that hurts enemy models, so they should help you funnel
      enemy troops.

      Oh yeah, and we added Scharde models to the theme force. No big deal.
      Except it is a big deal! That means you can now take Scharde Pirates and
      Dirge Seers, adding some fresh alternative units to your lists. Please
      note that the theme will make them Privateers, but not Sea Dogs.

      Lastly, you can always take Scallywag in the Talion Charter (but he only gets his bond with Shae).

      Theme Forces

      Mercenary Theme Force: Talion Charter

      Army Composition:

      Add Scallywag.

      Change the First benefit to the following:

      This army can also include Cryx Scharde units. These units are considered to be friendly Mercenary
      Privateer units instead of Cryx units and can include attachments but cannot include Ranking Officers.

      Change the second benefit to the following:

      For every full 25 points of Privateer models/units in this army, you can add one solo or two weapon crew units
      to the army free of cost. Free models/units do not count toward the total point value of Privateer
      models/units in the army when calculating this bonus.

      Change the third benefit to the following:

      Solos in this army gain Sacrificial Pawn [Sea Dog model]. (When a model with Sacrificial Pawn [Sea Dog
      model] is directly hit by an enemy ranged attack, you can have one friendly, non-incorporeal Sea Dog
      trooper model within 3˝ of it directly hit instead. That model is automatically hit and suffers all damage and

      Add the following benefit:

      After models are deployed at the start of the game, you can choose up to three points on the table at least
      10˝ away from the nearest enemy model. Roll deviation from each of these points, with direction 4 on the
      deviation template pointing directly toward the rear edge of your deployment zone. Center a 4˝ broadside
      AOE on each point of impact. Broadside AOES are hazards that remain in play for the first round of the
      game. Broadside AOEs are rough terrain. A model entering or ending its activation in a broadside AOE
      suffers an unboostable POW 12 blast damage roll XICONX.
    • Der neue Caster scheint nicht wirklich zu funktionieren, 12" Windstorm ist recht nutzlos, weil sie nicht die stats hat um offensiv zu stehen, manifest destiny würde sich nur mit ner großen battlegroup lohnen, ihr feat will aber infantry, (und ist glaube ich eines der schlechtesten im spiel, hat sie noch viele piraten, hat sie quasi kein feat, hat sie wenige piraten, quasi kein feat^^)
      Zudem sterben die Piraten immer noch wie die fliegen.

      Ich würde fast wetten, dass die noch mal überarbeitet wird.
      Der theme Benefit mit den broadside aoe ist auch ziemlicher murks, da hoffe ich einfach mal, das das noch angepasst wird.
      Der neue Koloss ist halt ein melee koloss, auch wenn ich das konzept toll finde. Gibt es einen koloss der gespielt wird, der nicht durch ne gute gun oder support (blighty) zum spiel beiträgt?

      Änderungen zu Gallon, Freebooter und Mariner find ich gut (auch wenn loader ne totale negativ play experience rule ist xD)
      Die neuen Jacks sind irgendwie wirr. Da hab ich keine Meinung zu.
    • Vielleicht für einige interessant:

      Line of Sight hat einen CID Battlereport gemacht:


      Mh...ich bin zwiegespalten...

      Der Report scheint zu bestätigen, dass sie mit dem aktuellen Kit kein Mixed Arms spielen kann. Aber nur eines von beidem kann sie nicht genug supporten...da kommt noch was denke ich.
      Reap what you sow
    • Bei den neuen Beschusswarjacks (Besonders bei dem Rng 10/Pow 14) fällt mir sofort Cain3 ein, aber ich befürchte das der Anti Beschusstech im Meta einfach zu stark ist...

      Edith hat den Battle-Report gelesen und fragt sich wo du diese Bestätigung liest... Klingt doch nicht sooo mies oder? Themelist mal aussen vor...
      The Mods are asleep: POST PONYS!

      ^-^ /)(\ ^-^

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    • Stimmt, zwei Schüsse 14/12 scalen ganz gut mit caines feat, mit choir reden wir im feat von rat8 pow 17/19, potentiell rat 10 21/23 mit calamity und gorman.

      Mercenary Army - 75 / 75 points
      [Theme] Llaelese Resistance

      [Caine 3] Caine's Hellslingers [+20]
      - Swabber [13]
      - Swabber [13]
      - Swabber [13]
      - Swabber [13]
      - Swabber [13]
      Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist [0(4)]
      Major Harrison Gibbs [4]
      Choir of Menoth (max) [6]
      Exemplar Errants (max) [16]
      - Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard [4]

      Aber die Liste steckt halt null ein, jede Gunline die weiter schießt (so lange sie magisch schießt) macht einen rund, oder jede max dudes recursion liste. xD

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    • faehrmann wrote:

      Peta wrote:

      Naja, sie hat gute Spells, aber entweder keine Spells oder kein Feat...:D
      Some people don't like options
      Finde die Optionen eine Infanterie Liste zu bauen sie allein auf einer eher schlechten feat basiert tatsächlich nicht so gut. Dafür habe ich aber die Option eine jack Liste zu bauen für die sie keinen Fokus hat. Finde die Möglichkeit mein gift zu wählen sehr ansprechend. :)