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      Grymkin Theme Force: Bump in the Night*

      Change the second benefit to the following:

      For every 20 points of Grymkin units and Grymkin battle engines in this army you can add one Malady Man unit, command attachment or solo to the army free of cost. Free command attachments and Malady Man units do not count toward the total point value of units in the army when calculating this bonus.
    • Grymkin 2019 Week 2 Update 4

      Yesterday, 02:02 PM
      Hot off the presses, we have a quick update for everyone. This is almost certainly the last update I would expect to see before the CID concludes on Wednesday, so please make sure to put it to good use and get those battle reports in so we have a very clear picture of feedback for our post-CID internal testing.

      Fairly simple changes. We were looking to address some interactions we are concerned with, and also increasing consistency. Read on!

      Neigh Slayer War Horse

      Change the text on Playing Dead to the following:

      Playing Dead - Models in this unit are immediately knocked down. Additionally, models in this unit gain Feign Death for one round. (A model with Feign Death cannot be targeted by ranged or magic attacks while knocked down.)

      Grave Ghoul

      CMD 9 changed to CMD 5

      ARM 15 changed to ARM 16

      First, let's chat about the Neigh Slayer War Horse. The new Playing Dead rule is extremely potent, due to the ranged survivability it is providing. We decided to tone the effect slightly by reducing the unit's mobility when taking advantage of this ability. This means that you can no longer Press Forward and use Playing Dead*, which was providing too much board space combined with too much shooting and magic protection. Secondarily, it means you can no longer take advantage of Reposition. Our goal here is to provide a useful survivability tool, but to do so, but we do need to limit some of their mobility.

      *quick clarification, a couple people have reached out to me and mentioned that you can Charge and use Playing Dead. We are aware of that interaction and are totally ok with the unit charging, killing models, then falling over. The interaction we were specifically trying to call out was Playing then, then using Press Forward to run. Sorry, I was trying to use some short hand, but it resulted mostly in people just being confused. MAH BAD!

      Now, onto the Grave Ghoul. We wanted to make his collection and re-roll mechanisms use a consistent measuring distance. Additionally, his re-rolls are proving to be particularly powerful, especially when it comes to making your opponent re-roll. This should help reduce the oppression many people were experiencing with his particularly large bubble. Now his placement will be key to leveraging his suite of rules. However, we acknowledge that this means he'll have to play a little bit more forward, so we bumped his ARM up by one to 16 so that he doesn't just die to a random non-boosted damage roll on accident. Hopefully, this should mean you opponent does need to commit some resources to killing the model.
    • March 2019 Grymkin CID Developer's Notes

      We are making a clarification change to Alchemical Mask. This should clear up some confusing wording on how Alchemical Mask relates to clouds, and the concealment granted by those clouds. The previous wording resulted in some overly complex and confusing rulings we had to make, so we decided to just alter the wording to ensure it reads much smoother. Each the models listed below are every model in WARMACHINE & HORDES with Alchemical Mask, and this new text has been updated on all their cards to reflect the change.


      Alchemical Mask - This model does not suffer gas effects. When determining LOS or resolving attacks, this model ignores cloud effects and concealment granted from cloud effects.

      ARM 14.
      We made a small adjustment to Piggybacks (and by extension, the new Piggyback Officer) in the Grymkin CID to give them a small boost to their ARM, from 13 to 14. We found that at their previous ARM, they were just a tad too soft defensively unless you also brought along a Death Knell, which heavily influenced their opportunity cost in lists. This change means they are suitably tough without the Death Knell or reach more elite levels of durability when paired with one.
      We think this change allows the Piggybacks to be included in more lists without soaking up too many points of support unless you really want to commit to a particularly sturdy army that favors soaking up the enemy alpha strike, which should give players a bit more flexibility in list building.
      Grymkin Theme Force: Dark Menagerie
      Add “Malady Man units” and “Baron Tonguelick, Lord of Warts” to the Army Composition section.
      We added two of the new model entries to Dark Menagerie. Baron Tonguelick, as the new attachment, is an obvious addition. However, the Malady Man is a tad more of an edge case addition. Our decision was to provide an alternative, cheap unit to a theme force that specializes in an extremely large and diverse warbeast package. Even though we don’t expect the Malady Man to fit into every Dark Menagerie army, we wanted to give the players the option of an accessible unit for scoring, contesting, and other uses.
      Grymkin Theme Force: Bump in the Night
      Add “Baron Tonguelick, Lord of Warts” and “Grave Ghoul solos” to the Army Composition section.
      Change the second benefit to the following:
      For every 20 points of Grymkin units and Grymkin battle engines in this army, you can add one Malady Man unit, command attachment, or solo to the army free of cost. Free command attachments do not count toward the total point value of units in the army when calculating this bonus.
      Much the same as above, we have added the new model entries to Bump in the Night. Remember, Bump in the Night automatically includes all Grymkin units, which means the Malady Man is an automatic addition to the theme force. Additionally, the have added the Malady Man as one of the free options in Bump in the Night. This should provide some creative list building options, and the new Neigh Slayer Warhorse and Piggyback Officer should also breath some new life into their respective units and how they are utilized on the battlefield.
    • Ich habe den Affen eher bei Bump auf dem Schirm.

      Wanderer plus min Battlegroup

      Lord Spinnerich
      2 Ghoule
      2 Leierkastenmänner

      2 Mad Caps
      2 Piggybacks plus Officer
      Twilight Sisters

      plus X

      Die Idee ist mit den Mad Caps Cask Imps generieren, die Cask Imps totzuprügeln für Corpse Token auf dem Ghoul und dann hinter zwei Einheiten Piggybacks vorzurücken. Star-Crossed plus Monkey Bite und Knowledge of the Damned ist ein netter DEF Skew.
    • In Bump (Ging ja um DM) ist wohl King, Hexe oder Heretic geiler? Mit dem Ghoul will man ja eher die dmg spikes rerollen lassen. Def Skew mit den Schweinen is mit base 11, trotz star crossed vllt eher weniger gut. Mit def13 clocks wird’s lustiger beim Wanderer oder?