Clog Con, Greek Masters, Blood & Oil, Irish Gauntlet 2018, UK Masters + EU Masters

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    • Clog Con, Greek Masters, Blood & Oil, Irish Gauntlet 2018, UK Masters + EU Masters

      Kam heute Nacht, ganz viele tolle Turniere, vielleicht ist ja was dabei...

      "Hello. Below is information on two upcoming events, the UK Masters and the EU Masters. Please pass this info around to your local community. For those of you that do not know a lot about the EU Masters, it's in a great venue in a very affordable city, and you basically get the price of your ticket back in merchandise, as well as tons of beer and great food...and of course, a chance to be crowned the Champion of Europe !

      Besides these two events, don't forget some other high profile events coming soon:

      Clog Con - an excellent event that gets better every year.

      The Greek Masters - a beautiful and affordable location, with Doug Hamilton attending as the Guest of Honor.

      Blood & Oil - considered one of the best WM/H events in the UK, and probably the world. Competitive and fun.

      Irish Gauntlet 2018 - this is an OFFICIAL IGQ run by a great crew and it's in Ireland, what more do you need?

      Take care,



      Tickets for the Grandaddy of them all, the Warmachine and Hordes UK Nationals Masters 2018 are available now!

      Visit; purchase your ticket.

      As always, we'll be supplying lunch on both days and will have an amazing raffle and maybe a swag bag or both!

      Any questions/queries please use the PP EU page. Until the Masters Pack is finalised we cannot confirm final rules pack but provisionally we are looking at 3 lists, 75 points, TBC after Lock and Load 2018.

      The event will once again, be held at the Element Games North West Gaming Centre on the 6th and 7th of October, 2018.
      1st Floor
      Hallam Business Centre
      Hallam Street
      Stockport SK2 6PT

      Price is £27.50 and includes 7 rounds of games over 2 days.
      We hope to see you there.


      The EU MASTERS will once again be hosted by the Black Oil Gaming and Social Hub in Brno, Czech Republic MAY 26 & 27, 2018.

      The event will obviously feature the Champions from various countries fighting it out to be crowned the Champion of Europe. But there will also be a Last Chance Qualifier so that anyone has a chance to sneak in and steal the title! Along with the Championship and the LCQ we’ll have the Iron Arena where anyone can jump in and play non-tournament games to win points that can be redeemed on the spot for unique prizes.

      The second EU Masters that took place last year was a very casual event, even if it did host the most competitive field of players in Europe. This year will be the same. Along with the competition/gaming, your admission will include:

      * A coupon good for 20 free drinks throughout the weekend (beer & soft).
      * Lunch on both days.
      * A Farrow BBQ on Saturday evening.
      * And every paying attendee will receive selection of the models with a value of 30 GB Pounds!!!

      for the entire weekend can be purchased for 30 GB Pounds or CZK 900 by contacting for payment details