Huggy goes hunting

    • Huggy goes hunting

      Why Hunters? Well whilst I had a blast playing Corsair and Fish I wanted to play something different after the WTC. So when SFG did the famous Mystery Boxes I ordered one in the hope to get something cool like Morts or Engineers. It quickly became clear that there would be Hunters and either Masons or Brewers in the box. As I have every model of both the Brewers and the Masons I decided to go for Hunters. Theron getting a whole lot better with the last errata did help to make that decision.

      So I now have the original 8 models + Minx. I'm not a big fan of A&G outside of Corsair and I don't own Hemlocke. I'll probably buy theHeralds of the Winter's Moon some time in the future but for now I have enough stuff to get started.

      Of the 7 non captain, non mascot models Minx and Jaecar seem like a lock for me, probably being good in all match-ups. The others seems more specific. The bear is someone I would love to play, but I'm not sure he'll work in every match up.

      So these are my first thoughts. Tomorrow I'll play my first game and I'm pretty curious if I'm able to make them work.
    • So my first game, against Kim with his Brewers.

      Hunters: Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Mist, Zarola and Seenah
      Brewers: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Stoker, Spigot, Stave

      All in all a though team to play against: 3 Though Hide models, 1 Unpredictable Movement cat and Stoker Magical Brew auto clearing Conditions.

      The first turn sees Theron pincushioning Spigot and Tapper getting into the Bear with a pass dodge and Time's Called. As he only put 4 influence on Tapper and his dice were pretty awful we both end the turn with 2 momentum.
      As my opponent had unsnapped the ball before Tapper went into the bear, Minx charges in, snaps the ball and slots in the tap in goal (4-0). Tapper keeps hitting the bear, shoving it closer to his line. An absurd amount of 1's are being rolled by my opponent so it takes way more attacks than it should but he finally kills Seenah with Spigot (4-2).
      I was able to win the initiative by farming off Stave. Seenah comes back and charges a Snared Spigot and kills him with a bear hug (7-2). At this moment the ball is on the cat and I'm not sure if can get it back. I got Stoker isolated but with his counter attack and auto-clearing conditions it isn't an easy kill. Stave is also an possibility but Though Hide is annoying. So whilst I'm up comfortably it's not easy sailing. He keeps hitting Seenah, Tapper also walks up to Theron, who is engaged by Stave, and KD's him. Theron dodges off Stave and goes after Stoker putting some damage into him. My opponent has been aggressively healing his guys which usually left him low on momentum. I suddenly notice he has none left and this allows Jaecar to take out Stoker (9-2). If Stoker was able to counter attack, Jaecar wouldn't have been able to do that. Last activation he walks the cat within the melee range of Seenah, who has gotten some attention of Hooper and isn't looking too fresh. I win the initiative and Seenah tackles the ball and kicks it up the field. The ball ends up on Stave. Stave kicks it to Tapper, Minx gets the ball off Tapper and again kicks it up the field. As he can't reach the ball anymore he takes out the bear again (9-4). Theron finishes the game by scoring a bonus timed tap in (13-4).

      A flattered win. My opponent made a few mistakes and his dice were ice-cold the first half of the game.

      Positives: playing with 11 influence went better than I thought. Theron is pretty fun play with and I only feel like I scratched the surface of the Hunter potential.

      Negatives: I forgot to place Theron's forest the whole game :boohoo: . After playing Fish with all the reach, having to plan around counter attacks is rough. Though Hide looks like a big problem for this team.