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      Today, 09:05 AM

      Below you will find the Storm of the North Theme Force. It is comprised of Trollblood Northkin and the various tag a-longs to their raiding bands.

      In addition to the Theme Force being posted below, you will find a compiled list of all of the design notes and intent for the models included in this CID cycle. Please note that as this cycle goes on these intentions could very well evolve and change with compelling ideas and discussion from the community but broad concepts are not up for debate. Units will be units, solos will be solos etc.

      This cycle will last for a little more than two weeks. It begins 7/10 and ends 7/26.

      Below is a compiled list of all of the models currently included in the Northkin CID with their descriptions/changes from the first week:

      New Northkin Models:

      Kolgrima Stonetruth, Winter Witch: Kolgrima is an ice witch from the frozen north. Her spells and abilities should focus on hexes, wards, witchcraft, and a more feral style of magic. She should be elemental in nature. She is not a combat character and should have a weak attack.

      Troll Basher: The Troll Basher is the basic line beast of the Northkin. A strong melee presence for its points, the Basher receives buffs well and should remain efficient for its points.

      Ice Troll: The Ice Troll is the basic line ranged option of the North Kin. It should have a strong ranged presence for its points and synergize well with the different options inside the Northkin theme force.

      Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears: The Battle Bears are a threatening melee unit. With the lead of the Handler, the bears should fight as a coordinated unit. Granted abilities on the Bear Handler go well with this idea.

      Northkin Raiders: The general rabble of the North Kin. Fast, versatile, and adaptable are all key concepts to the Raiders.

      Pyg Lookouts: Much like the Raiders, the Pyg Lookouts are forward scouts to warn raiding parties of what is ahead. Ranged attacks, mobility rules like Pathfinder and support rules are the purpose of the Pyg Lookouts.

      Northkin Elder: As an alternate option for the Kriel Stone Bearer Command Atachment, the Northkin Elder must bring powerful options to the table and be a compelling choice against the standard Elder. His options should be Northkin centric, but not exclusionary of other models.

      Valka Curseborn, Chieftain of the North: Valka is the champion of his Kriel. As an expert fighter and one seen to survive anything, Valka has a myriad of defensive rules that also embody aggression and retaliation. Valka should be an attractive option to any Northkin force.

      Hearthgut Hooch Hauler: A support style battle engine with a solid ranged punch. The Hooch Hauler is the rally point of every Northkin army. It supplies support through Veteran Leader, Stumbling Drunk, and Oil.

      Currently existing Troll models to be included:

      Borka 1: This small change to Mosh Pit should help with the diversity of options availble to Fel Caller Heroes included in Borka 1 lists.

      Mosh Pit. Add the following to the beginning of the Mosh Pit spell:

      Knocked down friendly Faction models in the spellcaster’s control range immediately stand up. Models that became knocked down this turn are not affected by Mosh Pit.

      Borka 2: Borka 2 is a melee powerhouse that can survive things that would trivially remove most warcasters. Bringing a spell list that supports his battle group and helps deliver his army Borka 2 should lead his army to the fight and stay in the thick of it. The changes presented here all work towards this goal.

      Warbeast Points. Reduce Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws’ Warbeast Points to 27.

      Critical Knockdown. Change Critical Knockdown to Knockdown on Borka’s Mount Weapon:

      When a model is hit by an attack with this weapon, it becomes knocked down.

      Attuned Spirit [Northkin]. Borka gains the Attuned Spirit [Northkin] special rule:

      Once per activation, this model can cast the animus of a Northkin warbeast in its battlegroup without spending fury.

      Defiant Rage. Borka gains the Defiant Rage special rule:

      When this model is damaged by an enemy attack, after the attack is resolved this model gains +2 STR and ARM for one round.

      Field Marchal [Immunity: Cold]. Replace the Field Marshal [Immunity: Cold] special rule with Field Marshal [Northkin]:

      Warbeasts in this model’s battlegroup are Northkin models and gain Immunity: Cold XICONX.

      Snow Shroud. Replace the text of the Snow Shroud spell with the following:

      Friendly Faction models gain concealment while in the spellcaster’s control range. Snow Shroud lasts for one round.

      Grim 1: Removing charges/tramples/power attacks from Grim 1’s feat should help return him to the play style he saw in previous editions which we feel is spot on for what where he should be.

      Spread the Net. Change the second sentence of Spread the Net to following:

      Enemy models beginning their activations in Grim’s control range suffer –3 SPD and cannot charge or make power attacks or special attacks.

      Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftan:

      Guided Hand. Change the text of Guided Hand to the following:

      Target friendly Faction model/unit gains an additional die on each model’s next melee attack roll this turn.

      Earthborn Dire Troll: Reducing the points the of Earthborn should help get this heavy warbeast into lists where as before he may have been overshadowed by other choice.

      Point Cost. Reduce the point cost of the Earthborn Dire Troll to 14.

      Sea King: Reducing the point costs on the Sea King will bring it in line with other Gargantuans. Increasing his ranged threat should help it be more active on a turn to turn basis.

      Point Cost. Reduce the point cost of the Sea King to 36.

      Vomit Swarm RNG. Increase the RNG of the Vomit Swarm to 10.

      Glacier King: Currently there are no changes to the Glacier King besides the Northkin tag.

      The Glacier King is a Northkin model.

      Winter Troll: The addition of 1 RAT will help the functionality of the Winter Troll. The addition of Northkin and Pathfinder should give it some needed synergy with the rest of the theme force.

      The Winter Troll is a Northkin model.

      RAT. Increase the RAT of the Winter Troll to 5.

      Pathfinder. The Winter Troll gains Pathfinder XICONX.

      Pyre Troll: Currently there are no changes to the Pyre Troll.

      Rok: Reducing Rok’s points will hopefully bring him in line with other character beast options seen throughout the game.

      Rök is a Northkin model.

      Point Cost. Reduce the point cost of Rök to 19.

      Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes: This quality of life addition will help some of the lower fury Warlocks field the Kriel Stone and keep it fueled throughout the game.

      Awaken the Stone (★Action).

      The Leader of the Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribe unit gains the Awaken the Stone (★Action) special rule:
      This model gains d3 fury points.

      Trollkin Champion: We have our eye on the Champions at the moment. We hope that reducing the points will make them a more attractive and powerful option.

      Point Cost. Reduce the point cost of Trollkin Champions to 9 (Leader & 2 Grunts) and 15 (Leader & 4 Grunts).

      Skaldi Bonehammer: Currently there are no changes to Skaldi.

      Long Riders: One additional armor should help differentiate the Long Riders from other troll options.

      ARM. Increase ARM to 18.

      Horthol: Currently there are no changes to Horthol.

      Northkin Fire Eaters: Currently there are no changes to Northkin Fire Eaters.

      Troll Whelps: Currently there are no changes to Troll Whelps.

      Fell Caller Hero: Currently there are no changes to Fell Caller Heroes.

      Runebearers: Currently there are no changes to the Runebearer.

      Northkin Shaman: Currently there are no changes to the Northkin Shaman.

      Mercenarie/Minion models included:

      Eilish: An occult spell caster, Eilish should be a master of his craft sacrificing parts of himself to further his power. Built in synergies in his rules make him an interesting choice while not creating an overpowering model.

      Theme Force changes:

      In this CID cycle we are testing a new core rules change that will change the way Theme Forces work. In addition to the models that are allowed in a Theme Force, a player may take one Mercenary/Minion Solo, Unit and Battle Engine. The goal for this change is to allow for deeper list building inside of themes lists by allowing for more options while remaining thematic. The Mercenary/Minion model must be able to work for the faction taking it, it doesn't become a free-for-all. Additionally, please note that with the current wording that Mercenary and Minion theme forces will remain unchanged with this rule and will not be able to include these additional models types.

      In addition to the models listed in the Army Composition section of each theme force, a non-Mercenary, non-Minion army made using a theme force can include up to one Mercenary solo, unit, and battle engine, including Mercenary models/units with the Partisan rule. The Mercenary models/units must work the army’s Faction.

      If a Mercenary model that can control warjacks or warbeasts is included in an army, the warjacks and warbeasts that model controls can also be included.

      For example, if the Mercenary solo Gastone Crosse is included in an army made using a theme force, the army can also include Mercenary warjacks controlled by Crosse.

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    • Eilish
      Magic 7, Hex Blast, Puppet Master, D3 dmg für boosted hit&dmg, dazu noch bleed zum heilen und death rattle für RFP
      Alles für locker 4 Punkte.
      Kann ich 2 nehmen? :D

      PS: Ernsthaft, Hex Blast mit Chasten austauschen und dann kann man darüber ernsthaft nachdenken.

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