The UK Nationals Masters is back!

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    • The UK Nationals Masters is back!

      The UK Nationals Masters is back!

      Tickets are available now.

      This event, considered the Grandfather of all European Masters tournaments is scheduled for the 9th and 10th of September 2017. Once again this will take place at the Element Games North West Gaming Centre, in Stockport.

      There are no special qualifications for anyone to attend, only the desire to compete and enjoy time with fellow Warmachine/Hordes fans.

      There is space for 128 players at this 75 point event and will follow the official Privateer Press Masters pack.

      The event will last for 7 rounds, 4 on the Saturday and 3 on the Sunday. We expect to start at 10am on the Saturday and end around 8pm, while we start 10am on Sunday and end around 5pm

      Lunch will be provided on the day as part of the ticket price. Drinks and snacks are available from the always friendly staff which includes a fully stocked bar, that remains open beyond tournament hours.

      Jason will be there as normal with medals and prizes for the top finishers (as well as the not so top finisher...). And to give everyone a chance to go home with something, we'll have our famous raffle. Judging by their popularity at last year's event, you can expect more Mystery Paks, some better than others : )

      Tickets will cost £27.50 and will go on sale Tuesday, January 10, at 9:00am GST, via this link:

      We hope to see you there.

      All the best,

      Cerberus Ent./Privateer Press EU