WTC Committee Election

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    • WTC Committee Election

      Nach der WTC wird das Gremium (nicht unser Triumvirat ;) )das im Hintergrund steht neu gewählt. Dieses Jahr sind 3 Posten neu zu vergeben, falls jemand interesse hat sich zu bewerben.
      WTC Committee Election for 2016
      Posted on October 4, 2016 by WTC Committee
      According to the WTC Charter, Committee members must step down after serving for 2 years, but can be re-elected. At this time, Norbert Brunhuber and Peter Gaublomme’s terms have expired. Ciaran Bolger has also elected to step down from his position early.
      Therefore 3 spots are open for election to the Committee by the current team Captains. This is a call for players interested in being considered for the spots to submit their names to the Committee via the email address: The deadline for the nomination process is Sunday, the 23-Oct, whereupon the Captains will have 2 weeks to vote on the nominees (deadline 6-Nov).
      Candidates should submit any information that they feel would be relevant for the Captains to hear to help inform their vote. It is recommended to include your name, city/state/country, Warmachine/Hordes qualifications, and why you would like to be considered for one of the Committee’s positions.
      Responsibilities for Committee members are to discuss and manage issue that come up with regards to the management of the event, in conjunction with the hosting team who are primarily responsible for the logistics of the event. Time commitments vary depending where in the process of the event is, but expect to spend 1 evening a week on average on WTC matters (spread over the course of the week) for a full year. Feel free to contact a current Committee member if you are seriously interested and have some more specific questions.
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