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  • PMs on here answered. If you have any trouble, the email address we monitor most is The tournament is filling up for Warmachine (so be quick), on the Guild Ball side we have a few spots left (but not many!) Food-wise, we have quite a few vegetarians, so expect to see specifically prepared vegetarian dishes. And Sauerkraut - can do Meanwhile - we have become an Iron Gauntlet qualifier, in case you still need convincing ... See you soon, Klaas

  • Greetings from Belgium

    Klaw - - English Discussion


    Also, we still have spots for the Belgian Nationals, aka the Belgian Masters XXX .... Cheers!

  • Hello you peoples, So far we have many German registrations, both for Guild Ball and for Warmachine, which is awesome. Apart from Germans, we have Belgians (obviously), Dutch, French, English, Irish, Polish and Scottish players, so it's looking to be a great mix. We haven't finalized the menu yet, so if there are any suggestions ... All the kisses, on behalf of the crew, Klaas

  • Belgian Masters XXX 26.-28.1.2018

    Klaw - - Vergangene Events


    Quote from Dominikdc: “German Bomber incoming! ” Oh yes. The Belgian Masters XXX, where legends are forged, and nicknames are earned. We have quite a bit of Guild Ball spots left - spread the word people! Klaw

  • So, the latest news about this increasingly legendary event: We're an official Iron Gauntlet qualifier. So, if you win the Belgian Masters XXX in Warmachine, you qualify for the Iron Gauntlet finals at Lock n Load. If you come second or third, you get points towards that goal. Also, we're an official Guild Ball national championship. That means - if you win the Belgian Masters XXX in Guild Ball, you qualify for the World Championships. In 2017, this was in the USA, with flight paid by Steamforge…

  • Belgian Masters XXX 26.-28.1.2018

    Klaw - - Vergangene Events


    Meanwhile ... here's the list of people whose registration is final: Here's the list of all players whose registration is final: Warmachine: Alfredo Virgillito Axel D'haeyere Nicolas Bulpa Francois Van Dooren Francois Dupont Dominik de Cassan Alexander Volk Jean-Paul Decker Tim Bossuyt Casper Jellema Christophe Klopfert Klaas Luyckx Brett Pandolfi Bartek Dobrzanski Marvin Desmet Jasper Decru Guild Ball: Hinnerk Fischer Koen Vliegen David Dantinne Tom Vananderoye Mattias Vriens As you can see, we…

  • Quote from Brezel: “Always drawn to this, will have to think about it ” Just come, and worry later about what you'll play ... Klaw

  • Sleeping closely together is recommended. That being said, what happens at the Belgian Masters XXX stays at the Belgian Masters XXX. (At least, that's what we tell everyone). -Klaw

  • Hey people, We never intended to stealz players from anywhere. Last year we clashed with the Norwegian Masters, this year we don't, but apparently we clash with other things. I won't hold it against you if you don't show up. The only one who has to come is Tom Escoffier, because he has to bring the Wanderpokal back. Cheers, Klaw

  • So @Rufus, I'll just assume we play you in the first round. I can't image either Alfredo or Bartek refusing to dance with us. See you on Saturday! Klaw

  • By the way - Old men yelling at dice, may we have the first dance? We're aiming at Saturday morning, though. On the plus side, we swapped out our try-hard captain for a more relaxed version. Looking forward to it! Klaw

  • So, as the day is getting nearer ... we are preparing food for the following people: 1) Tom Escoffier 2) Wout Maerschalck 3) Alfredo Virgillito 4) Benoit Van Lee 5) Laurens Tanguy 6) Lotte Lambrechts 7) Sven Bex 8) Benjamin Fuezi 9) Christophe Klopfert 10) Frederik Punt 11) Andy Purcica 12) Tim Bossuyt 13) Xavier Adriaens 14) Martin Rockenfeller 15) Jasper Decru 16) Steven De Canck 17) Piet Pynket 18) Marvin De Smet 19) Kai Servatius 20) Andreas Neugebauer 21) Jean-Paul Decker 22) Paul De Geus 2…

  • So, in the spirit of all that's jolly ... CzjmHupWIAAk6XK.jpg Get a Belgian Masters XXX ticket under the tree! For realz, we'll send you a nice print-out coupon and everything. Guaranteed the best X-mas gift ever! Klaw

  • Probably same as this year. Hard to link from mobile, apparently. The Facebook page has it.. Klaw

  • Belgian Masters XXX 2017 is a go! We still have spots too.. Ask for a ticket underthe Xmas tree, maybe..

  • We believe you, cheers for letting us know Klaw

  • 21 registrations so far, so ... this could be really happening! Meanwhile, we're still missing registrations of, among others, regulars like @Sascha, @The Kid, Niels the Banger, Dominic de Coco, ... If you know these people, and would like them to share in the debauchery, don't hesitate to poke, prod or otherwise shanghai them. Klaw

  • It's the end of January, doesn't count. If you bring nicknames to people, you should come again. Klaw

  • An overview of registered players so far: 1)Tom Escofier 2)Wout Maerschalck 3)Alfredo Virgillito 4)Benoit Van Lee 5)Laurens Tanguy 6)Lotte Lambrechts 7)Sven Bex 8)Axel D'haeyere 9)Ben Füzi 10)Florian Platte 11)Christophe Klopfert 12)Frederick Punt 13)Andy Purcica 14)Philipp Schaeper 15)Tim Bossuyt 16)Jasper Decru 17)Steven de Canck 18)Xavier Adriaens We're getting close ... Now for those payments to flow in ... Klaw

  • So, ladies and gentlemen .. Just to make sure we are very clear about this - we expect your registration -and- payment by this Saturday. If not, we can't lift the option on our venue, and Alfredo will be excited for nothing (I'm not sure his heart would actually survive such a shock). So far, we're about half way there. I heard boasting about a large contingent of NRW people attending. Could those NRW people then please get a move on? Klaw